Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm here!

I arrived in Mexico City Monday night. The view from the plane of the vast expanse of glimmering lights of the city at night was breathtaking. As my German seatmate pointed out -- my future home was waiting out there somewhere for me!

I'm currently staying in a hotel as I look for housing. There aren't any student housing options through school so I'm in the process of finding an apartment. I'm fortunate that my dad came down with me to spend a few days vacationing and help me out while attempting to decipher public transportation, find housing and complete a scavenger-hunt style list of requirements for class registration as a foreign student.

On my first full day I:

  • Visited UNAM (and took an unofficial tour trying to locate the buildings I needed)
  • Had my photo taken for registration
  • Got in touch with my thesis mentor
  • Purchased a local cell phone
  • Got some leads on housing options and set up visits 
  • Learned how the metrobus works (note-- different than buses and metros)
  • Ate enchiladas verdes with a limonada 

Interesting sculpture near CEPE (Centro de Ensenanza para Extranjeros)
Main library at UNAM by Juan O'Gorman

Mural by David Siquieros -- El pueblo a la universidad, la universidad al pueblo

Teatro Insurgentes with mural Historia del Teatro (History of the Theater) by Diego Rivera


  1. The Diego Rivera made my morning. I'm glad you're doing well, Becca! Good luck with everything!

  2. Hope you're having a great time so far! Upload more photos so I can live vicariously through you.