Saturday, July 31, 2010

Observations: Part 2

1. More chains to add to the list: KFC, Dominos Pizza, The Body Shop, Radio Shack, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, Blockbuster, Hooters  and The Melting Pot Coming Soon! (We've also confirmed there is a Six Flags -- we saw the road sign!)

2. I'd say 98% of the guys gel their hair. Serious gel. The faux hawk, mullet and rat tail are all pretty common.

3. There are lots of venders throughout the city, whether on the metro, on the streets or walking up to your outdoor table at a restaurant. The venders range from young kids (today we saw a boy that looked about 2 selling along with his brother, who was maybe 13; the 7-9ish age is pretty common as well) to senior citizens. I've seen all kinds of things being sold: gum, cigarettes, pirated cds, joke books, plants, pots and pans, cell phone chargers, baskets, various snacks, umbrellas, slap bracelets (remember those?), balloons and guitars. On the metro especially the vendors take various approaches. Most announce what they are selling (very loudly) while moving throughout the car. Others hand out their wares without saying anything, and then come back to either collect the money or their goods.

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