Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso

This one is for all you art aficionados: 

On Saturday we visited (among other things) the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. It began as a Jesuit Boarding School and was later turned into a National Preparatory School. In the 1920s, the Mexican government commissioned artists to paint murals focusing on Mexican history and politics. The Colegio was one of the first buildings to be painted during the Mexican Muralism movement. 

Views of the Colegio and courtyard:

Look closely at the mural covering the walls on all three levels:

El desembarco de los espanoles y la cruz plantada en tierras nuevas by Ramon Alva de la Canal:

Alegoria de la Virgen de Guadalupe by Fermin Revueltas:

Maternidad  by Jose Clemente Orozco

Destruccion del Viejo Orden by Jose Clemente Orozco:

La trinchera by Jose Clemente Orozco

La huelga -- Jose Clemente Orozco 

La trinidad revolucionario by Jose Clemente Orozco

El banquete de los ricos by Jose Clemente Orozco

Cortes y la Malinche by Jose Clemente Orozco

Los aristocratas by Jose Clemente Orozco

La basura social by Jose Clemente Orozco

El juicio final by Jose Clemente Orozco

La ley y la justicia by Jose Clemente Orozco

La bienvenida

Masacre en el Templo Mayor o la Conquista de Tenochtitlan by Jean Charlot

Aguila y serpiente emblema nacional mexicano by Jean Charlot

La fiesta del Senor de Chalma by Fernando Leal

Revolucionarios by Jose Clemente Orozco

Hallway of the Colegio (one of only a few walls not covered in murals)

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  1. So I love love love all the murals you're seeing! I love revolutionary art.

    I accidentally read all the captions as being UNDER their corresponding artwork instead of on top. Then I realized it was the other way around, but they actually gained intriguing connotation (that wasn't at all dissimilar from their actual connotation) from reading the incorrect captions. :) OH me and reading things incorrectly.

    Everything looks amazing, Becca! I hope you are well! And feel free to write in Spanish...I need to brush up on my reading comprehension :).