Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School...

Monday was the first day of classes at UNAM. I'm auditing a 2-hour class on Mondays called Chicanos, Hispanos y Latinos, taught by my thesis mentor. He suggested I take the class for more background info on my thesis. There were only 6 of us and 2 are auditing a class. Seems like it should be interesting though.

I realized Sunday night that I didn't know where any of my classes were actually located -- besides the one with my mentor. When we registered it gave us the building/department, but no actual classrooms. I went to ask on Monday and after being sent a couple different places talked with a woman who told me there is a blog with room updates -- but to keep watching it because rooms may keep changing for the first few weeks depending on class sizes, if the professor likes the room, etc.
There are also bulletin boards in each Facultad (faculty) that list the classes held in that Facultad. The problem with my program is that it's split between Filosofia y Letras (Philosophy and Letters) and Ciencias Politicas y Sociales (Political and Social Sciences) and has classes in multiple buildings across campus.

After my class Monday I grabbed some food (a sincronizada -- ham and Oaxaca cheese melted into a tortilla) and met another student in my program and area of concentration. We had lunch together and went to check out the various "back to school" offerings. Throughout the first week of school there are lots of workshops and activities for students, including salsa classes, origami, chess, zip lining, finger painting, karaoke competitions and more! We ran into a friend of mine (from the international student group) and the three of us did the salsa class.

Today I was supposed to have a 4-hour class on Historia y historiografia de American Latina (History and Historiography of Latin America), but the professor never showed. There were about 12 of us that showed up and waited 45 minutes. So.... fail on the class, but I did talk with other students in the program.
(Note-- I got an email tonight from a classmate that apparently there was a confusion over the rooms and the professor went to a different Facultad.)
This did give me time though to go to the other side of campus and turn in my paperwork for them to calculate the equivalency for my Elon grades, so that's another thing off the check list!

Tomorrow I would normally have a Trabajo de Investigacion Dirigida (Guided research/thesis) course with students in my area of concentration, but apparently it doesn't start until next week.

Thursday is Problemas Teoricos y metodologicas del analisis politico y social de American Latina (Theoretical and Methodological Problems  of Political and Social Analysis of Latin America) and Friday is Analisis y Critica de Textos Filosoficos Latinoamericanos (Analysis and Criticism of Philosophical Latin American Texts).


  1. Holy Schmolly! With all that walking/running around, are you sure you are not doing a Masters in Athletic training??!?!

  2. Haha. Sometimes it feels like it! That with a certificate in patience and waiting in line =)

  3. Waiting in line.. the nightmares!!! I recall being sent to one line just to be told that I had to go to another place make a line before I could do the line there! I HATE LINES!!!