Monday, August 23, 2010

Chocolate chip cookies

For Billy's birthday and our adventures in Xochimilco I decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookies -- more or less my trademark in the US. 
Baking here was a bit more of a challenge though! 

I found most of the ingredients I was looking for, but replaced brown sugar with (brown-colored) unrefined sugar.  According to "Raw Sugar vs. Refined, "It is also important not to confuse brown sugar with unrefined raw sugar. Although they are a similar color, they are in fact different. Brown sugar has been refined. The various brown colors are a byproduct of the added molasses, whereas the unrefined raw sugar's brown color is from the natural molasses." I didn't confused them -- I just couldn't find what I was looking for. 

I was excited to find measuring spoons at Walmart with metric and standard measurements (Why is it called standard if the US is the only one that uses the system??). However, I realized I didn't have a mixer or a measuring cup, so I worked out my arm muscles mixing cookie dough with a fork and practiced my fractions and counting to 16 with the measuring spoons =)

I had a few batches to bake and 1 pan, so tried to get ready for the day in the 8-10 minute intervals they were in the oven! 

They tasted a little different than when I make them back in the US, but overall they were a success! 

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