Sunday, August 1, 2010

First day on my own

I was very fortunate that my dad came down with me to help me get situated. We make a good team: I handle the Spanish and he does the directions. He's better with maps and streets and I'm better with landmarks. Between the two of us we were able to figure out the various errands I had to run (school, notary, translator, getting my ID number, apartment hunting, etc) and figure out a (some of) the public transportation.

He left early this morning and made it safely back to Maryland. That's makes today the first day actually on my own. I hung out in the hotel a bit this morning until check out, then took a taxi over to my new apartment. I worked on setting up my room, wandered through the park outside my house (so busy on Sundays with families!) went to a restaurant down the street for lunch (tacos al pastor  and agua de jamaica-- hibiscus tea). Most of the restaurant was filled with adult basketball players and their friends/family. Apparently there's some kind of league that plays on Sundays, because I saw multiple teams around the park on my way back. Now I'm hanging out in the Starbucks (yes, Starbucks) to use the Internet, since I don't know the password yet for Internet in my apartment.

I met my roommate briefly yesterday when I dropped something off at the apartment, but we haven't talked more than 2 minutes yet. She's been out today, but I'll meet her later tonight!

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  1. Becca..glad to be reading about your adventures. Sounds like things are going well.