Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today I went to my first fútbol (soccer) game in Mexico: Cruz Azul (from the DF) vs. Tigres de la UNAL (from Monterrey).

The fútbol stadium is right next the bullfighting stadium (one of the few cultural experiences I don't plan on partaking in). 

There were lots of venders fútbol hats, shirts, backbacks, flags, etc. 

Cruz Azul plays at Estadio Azul in the Benito Juarez Delegacion. 

Lots of flags in the stadium. 

Very spirited fans (and some kind of smoke?)

Cruz Azul v. Tigres

The boys:

I spy: a man sitting on the roof of an unfinished building watching the fútbol game. Can you find him? 

At halftime they had a competition with an obstacle course. 

It started to rain so Karen and I took cover under her scarf. 

Final: Cruz Azul 3, Tigres 2

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