Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karaoke and other miscellaneous adventures

Friday I attempted to go to Cuernavaca to visit Cindy, a fellow Spanish/International Studies grad from Elon. I made my way to the bus station (3 metro lines and slight confusion upon arrival) only to find out that they wanted to see my original passport (and not the copies I was carrying) before they sold me my ticket. I talked to Cindy, who said she had never been asked for any ID ever for the buses. 
(Note -- I ended up going on Saturday, bringing my passport and they never once asked to see it). 

I was frustrated, but (after a nap and food) decided to move on and take advantage of another day in the DF. I met up with some international students (doing a semester exchange program at UNAM) in the Zocalo and wandered around for a bit. 

From there, someone suggested we find a place for karaoke. We got some sketchy directions from the pizza place waitress, which included drawings but no street names. Two of the girls decided we would have a race, so after one more reading of the "map" we took off in teams to the karaoke bar. My team came in second, though I blame it on the ballet flats I was wearing. I sang "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer -- bringing it back to Showcase sophomore year of high school for those of you that remember =) 
At the karaoke bar

International students w/ the Karaoke host (Tatiana's photo)

After karaoke two of us met up with a friend and went to an UNAM (American) Football party, where we met lots of UNAM students (and stayed out a bit later than planned).
While my travel plans to Cuernavaca didn't work out so well, it turned out to be quite an eventful day!

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