Sunday, August 15, 2010

La Condesa

Today I wandered around the Colonia La Condesa. I had heard good things, so had to check it out. I took the closest metrobus, which as it turns out is not very close (I took a metrobus / bus combo on the way home!)

Brandon-- this photo is for you. School of gastronomy.
Parque Mexico. 
Duck pond in Parque Mexico. 

El teatro built in 1928 in Parque Mexico. Frequently used by bikers and skaters =) 

"La Muñeca" in Parque Mexico in La Condesa

Radio fountain in Parque Mexico, which used to be a clock and radio for outdoor listening.  

Michoacan -- the name of the street and a state in Mexico. Apparently it means "place where fish are abundant" 

I found a place called "La milonga" (place where tango is danced), which is an Argentine restaurant/bar/parilla with tango classes and shows! 

An old-fashioned market in the middle of the restaurant district (oops -- no photos of all the nice restaurants!)

A cool looking house. 

A church 

In Parque Espana I had pineapple and mango with lime, salt and chamoy. Chamoy is a a sweet/salty/sour/spicy sauce usually made with either apricot, plum or mango (thank you Wikipedia). 


  1. Is this the sauce that we never tried when we regularly got straight mango?

  2. No -- they usually do chili powder (or something along those lines). When I told him I didn't want the chili he asked if I wanted the chamoy sauce instead which is sweet/spicy instead of just spicy.