Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucha libre

Friday a group of us went to a lucha libre at Arena Mexico for Billy's birthday (day 2 of 3 of celebrating). 

Lucha libre (or "free fighting" / "free wrestling") is a form of professional wrestling. The luchadores (wrestlers) are known for the masks they wear. With the mask, they take on an identity and keep their real identity hidden. Removing an opponent's mask fully is grounds for disqualification. 
One of the luchadores was demasked during the match and he remained facedown in the ring until someone gave him a shirt to cover his face. Apparently some luchadores wear their masks out in public. We also saw another luchador driving away after it was all over -- still wearing his mask in the car. 

There were various matches, but the main event was Mascara Dorada, Mistico and Sombra versus Mr. Niebla, Lyger and Volador.  
Mistico. Photo

Sombra. Photocredit:

I don't have any photos from inside the Arena because "cameras had to be checked" (even though the people that went through the other security line got to take theirs in!). 

Below are various masks being sold outside the Arena.

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