Monday, August 23, 2010


Every Monday there's a market near my apartment that sells fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and a various assortment of things -- plants, nail polish, clothes, laundry baskets, cooking utensils, etc. I've walked through it the past 3 weeks but I've always been in a rush (class registration, first day of class, master's program meeting) and gotten back too late when they're finishing breaking down the various stalls. 

This week I finally went! 
I purchased: 4 mangos (20 pesos), peeled tuna (the fruit, not fish -- 15 pesos), a plant for my room (40 pesos), fresh-made guacamole (which they promised me was not spicy but it is!, 20 pesos) and a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice (10 pesos). 
Total: 105 pesos or $8.12 USD (according to

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