Sunday, August 29, 2010

Museo Diego Rivera - Anahuacalli

Saturday we went to Anahuacalli, a museum designed by Diego Rivera. "Anahuacalli" means "house around of water" in Nahuatl. 

Rivera was fascinated by pre-hispanic culture and designed this museum to display his collection, which includes articles from almost every indigenous civilization Mexico's history. Rivera died before the museum was completed, so Juan O'Gorman (ie: architect of UNAM Biblioteca Central and Rivera's Studio/House in San Angel), Heriberto Pagelson and Rivera's daughter, Ruth (Rivera was married 4 times) finished the museum. 

It's built out of volcanic rock and designed like a pyramid. There are different rooms dedicated to various indigenous gods. The ground floor is very dark, but as you go up, each floor gets progressively brighter until you reach the terrace.

Message from Diego Rivera: "Devuelvo al pueblo lo que de la herencia artistica de sus ancestros pude rescatar" -- I am giving back to the people what I could recover of the artistic heritage of their ancestors. 

unfinished artwork by Diego Rivera

View from the terrace

Fun fact: Did you know that Diego Rivera's full name was 
Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez?

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  1. Oh, very cool. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's "The Lacuna," a fictionalized account of a guy who grew up in Rivera's household. Very cool to see some of his legacy...!