Sunday, August 1, 2010

New apartment!

Welcome to my new apartment! 

View from the doorway:

View of the living room from the other side:


My room, view from the doorway:

My room:


View of my room from the other side:


  1. Nice! How did you find the place? Did it come furnished? The wooden floors look nice!

  2. Thanks! I got lucky really. My program didn't really know what to tell foreign students (even though there are foreign students every year), so they sent me over to where foreign students come to learn Spanish. They were helpful with lots of things there, including some housing options. They have a list of people that have contracts with the University and various housing options (room in a house, room separated from a house, and apartments). I made calls to ones I was interested in and visited and few. I love this one, it was available right away, unlike most of them, and it came furnished. I live with one roommate from Mexico, though she's always working so I almost never see her.

  3. beautiful apt! y que bueno que tengas una companera mexicana!

  4. ps- you inspired me with your blog...I have been meaning to create one. so now I have one too!