Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A visit to Cuernavaca

This weekend I went to visit Cindy in Cuernavaca. After a failed attempt on Friday, I successfully made it there Saturday afternoon! 

We wandered around for a bit downtown, with Cindy as my official tour guide. 
We saw: 

Palacio de Gobierno in the Plaza de Armas

Men playing chess, with Aztez healers/dancers and a big crowd in the background

Cute restaurants

Palacio de Cortes. Cortes used stones from the destroyed city pyramid to build a fortress-palace on the pyramid's base, where he lived for a while. It's now a museum.

Colored chicks with baseball hats being sold as pets.

More cute restaurants.

An elementary school (in Elon colors)

Cuernavaca's cathedral compound, which houses Templo de la Asuncion de Maria, Templo de la Tercera Orden de San Francisco, Capilla Abierta de San Jose and Capilla del Carmen

And lots of colors with some fun architecture/ design.

Then Cindy, Sasha (the dog) and I made our way to house sit/dog sit for Casa Hoy, a nonprofit that provides service opportunities in Mexico for visiting volunteers/travelers (http://www.hoycommunity.org/).

Cindy walked the dogs and I took pictures =)
I love the orange flowers on this tree!

I'm a sucker for cobblestone streets and sunsets. 

We enjoyed delicious tamales for dinner and I tried atole, a warm, corn-based drink. 

Back in Cuernavaca Centro on Sunday, we went exploring again. 

We went to Jardin Borda

It was designed in the late 1700s for Manuel de la Borda. In the 1800s, Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota entertained guests here and used it as a summer home. 

We also went back to the Catedral to take a look around inside. 

The plazas were super busy on Sunday with music, vendors and people just hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. 

We chilled out for a bit at the apartment and ate tlacoyos (fried masa filled with beans) with cream and salsa.

After that I made my way to the bus station to head back to the DF (but enjoyed more pretty views of colorful houses along the way!) 

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