Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A visit to San Angel

Today (Tuesday) I wandered around San Angel -- a very cute area.

In the window of the Maria Bonita Gallery: 

The Ex Convento de San Jacinto:

Notice the volcanic rock used for the cobblestone: 

Street view in San Angel:

The fomer chapel of El Zacatito:

More street views of San Angel: 

(Does this remind anyone else of Elon??):

Casa de los Delfines:

San Angel Inn:

Patio view of the San Angel Inn: 

Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. It was designed b Juan O'Gorman (who also did the Biblioteca Central at UNAM). It was Rivera and Kahlo's home from 1934-40, with a separate house for each (Rivera's -- red, Kahlo's -- blue). (I toured inside as well, but didn't want to pay extra to take pictures).

Rivera and Kahlo's houses:

Flower market:

Mural in San Angel (Have you noticed yet that there are a lot of murals in Mexico??): 

Monument for Alvaro Obregon (postrevolutionary president) in Jardin de la Bombilla. According to the Lonely Planet guide, "until 1989 it housed his arm, lost in battle." 

Huge flag in Jardin de la Bombilla (and afternoon rain clouds rolling in): 

In other updates from today:

--I successfully rode a pesero (word used for the buses) -- multiple times!
--I finally figured out which exit to use from my metro stop (there are multiple and I always came up in the wrong place)
--I was assigned a Rotary Host counselor here in the DF. 
--I emailed with other Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars studying in the area this year. 
--I met up with one of the scholars and group foreign students studying at UNAM for some drinks and food in Coyoacan. 

Overall, a successful day! 

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