Saturday, September 11, 2010

An afternoon at the park

Saturday afternoon I went to a park to do a little (academic) reading outside.

I love that this park has mini carnival/amusement park rides for the kiddos, in addition to the obligatory playground, soccer field, etc.

There was a group of boy/girl scouts there today doing some type of activity.

My other observation I really don't understand -- so if anyone can offer further insight, please do so. There was a group of middle/high school age boys under the direction of a coach. It was some type of sport/game where a block of ice was placed on the asphalt and then the boy all piled on top. It wasn't clear if there were teams or every man for himself, but they would pull other boys by the leg/arm/shirt/pants to get them off the pile, dive on top of the pile, and generally try to get to the middle/bottom with the ice. Eventually the coach would countdown and then it would be over -- but it wasn't clear who "won" (if anyone) or what the objective was. It was pretty rough -- ripped clothes, bleeding, etc. I asked a woman who was watching and she said she had never seen it and shortly after a man asked me if I knew what was going on. So it's not common...but quite a sight to see.

Just an afternoon in the park =)

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