Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy birthday, UNAM!

Happy (belated) birthday, UNAM!! 

The Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico was inaugurated on September 22, 1910. 

With that in mind, let me share with you a little piece of UNAM: the Goya cheer

This cheer is what the UNAM students chant to show spirit for the school. 

It goes like this:




Really, the words make no sense. According to the UNAM web site, the cheer started back in the 1940's when one of the students in the UNAM preparatoria (3 years prior to University, for the US like the last years of high school though with more focus preparing for a college track) would make arrangements with nearby movie theater owners to let students in (those who preferred movies to class). The three theaters were Venus, Rio and -- the closest to the school -- Goya. When the students wanted to go to the movies, they cheered "Goya" and from there the cheer stuck. 

Click here to listen to the Goya cheer. 

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