Tuesday, September 21, 2010

México de Mil Colores: Dolores Hidalgo

We left San Miguel de Allende around 3:00 pm on Wednesday and headed to Dolores Hidalgo (full name: Dolores Hidalgo Cuna de la Independencia Nacional, or Dolores Hidalgo Cradle of National Independence). This is where Miguel Hidalgo uttered his famous cry for independence of Mexico (Grito de Hidalgo). 

Fuego Bicentenario (Bicentennial Fire) and the Grito de Miguel Hidalgo

Countdown: 5 hours, 6 minutes and 57 seconds 

The dancers made me think of the EBLO students and
the Mexican dances they learned with Bailes de Mi Tierra

Icecream -- They had all kinds of interesting flavors including tequila,
beer, mole, chicarron, seafood and avocado. I tried a lot of them -- but bought
strawberries and cream. 

Yum -- street tacos 
Viva Mexico!! 

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