Tuesday, September 28, 2010

México de Mil Colores: Guadalajara

We arrived in Guadalajara around 10pm on Friday. We went out with a group of about 20 to a nearby plaza for a laid-back dinner and stayed til around 1:30am. 

Saturday we went to Tequila (see previous post) and got back to Guadalajara that evening. A friend and I met up with my Avelino-- a friend I met during study abroad in Argentina-- and his girlfriend and we went on an unofficial evening/nighttime tour of Guadalajara. Later that night we went out dancing with other people on the trip to celebrate our last evening (not on a bus!).

Sunday morning a few of us got up early to tour the city during the daytime, since we only had a few hours before leaving for Tlaquepaque (see previous post). Four of us took a horse-drawn carriage tour of the historic district and then did some more touring on foot.

Through Rotary, there was a large possibility that I could have studied at the University of Guadalajara. While I enjoyed the trip to Guadalajara and it has some great things to offer, I was not overly impressed. I'm glad to say I am happy with my decision to study at UNAM -- both for the school and location.

Below is a compilation of photos from the night and day time tours =)  

Plaza/Catedral by night
Plaza/Catedral by day
Catedral by night
Catedral by day


honoring famous Tapatios (people from Guadalajara)

loved this church

Plaza Garibaldi

Karen and I met up with a friend from my
Argentina study abroad and his gf 

Carriage ride! 

smallest church in Guadalajara

Theater by night

Theater by day 

Fine arts museum

crazy chairs 

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