Tuesday, September 21, 2010

México de Mil Colores: La Valenciana

Friday morning we had a few hours in Guanajuato before leaving for Parque Bicentenario. I went with a few friends to La Valenciana, right outside of Guanajuato. 

View from La Valenciana

Church of San Cayetano

Church of San Cayetano

Church of San Cayetano

The church had some cool murals (sorry, no pictures) where the figures seemed to be facing you no matter where you were. There was a bird that always seemed to be flying toward you, two figures that not only look at you but faced you from all angles, and text that could be read "right side up" looking from either side of the church. 

From there we went to visit the Mine San Cayetano, led by a retired miner. 

Beginning our tour of the Mine San Cayetano

Quartz in the wall of the mine 

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