Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rotary District 4170 Breakfast

On Saturday morning, the four Rotary Scholars (me, Billy, Robert, Vanessa) attended the District 4170 Breakfast. It was held at a hotel with about 400 participants (though only 300 registered, which made logistics a little more complicated).

We enjoyed a nice breakfast (even breakfast was slightly spicy!) and heard from various people, including the District Governor and the President of the Rotary Foundation Committee for District 4170, and about various events, including an effort to collect and deliver supplies to flooded areas in the South of Mexico and an upcoming fundraiser. We, the scholars, were introduced to the group (we found out that morning we couldn't present based on time constraints) and throughout the morning were invited to visit various clubs. 

The guest speaker was the Dr. José Narro Robles, Rector of UNAM (where Billy and I go to school). He gave an interesting speech. He starting talking about a few of the many reasons why Mexico is a great country and that Mexicans should be proud. He then said that it is also important to recognize and identify weaknesses and problems in order to move forward. His two biggest concerns were health and education (even though Mexico has many Universities, it also has a large percentage of the population that is illiterate).

Rotary District 4170 Breakfast

with José Narro Robles, UNAM Rector
"Strengthening communities, uniting continents"
Mariachi group that performed at the end of the breakfast
(Can you spot who doesn't belong?)


  1. is the UNAM rector the president or someone from spiritual community?

  2. Apparently Rector can mean an academic, religious or political administrator. In this case, it's the word they use for what we generally call the President of a University in the US.