Monday, September 27, 2010

Two months in...

Sunday the 26th marked 2 months of living in Mexico! I didn't realize until today, so I can't really say I did anything to "celebrate" -- but I did go see a Mexican play with friends!

We saw "Las Tandas del Centenario" by Carlos Pascual. It was about a theater company putting on a show in 1910 to celebrate the Centennial of Independence. The Mexican Revolution came, followed by various changes in leadership -- so their play kept changing along the way to fit with the changing political context. 

I didn't quite understand all of it (moments when I realize I have so much to learn still!), but I got the gist of it. Comedy is so much harder to follow when you don't know all the local vocab and historical background! 

When we went to buy tickets on Saturday, an acquaintance who helped
with costumes gave us a tour and we got to go onstage! 

Onstage at the Julio Castillo theater 

Vanessa and I outside of the Julio Castillo theater 

Martin, Karen and I outside of the Julio Castillo theater

Curtain call and special presentation at the end of the show, to
celebrate closing night 

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