Monday, October 11, 2010

Observations: Part 4

--Mexicans rarely silence their cellphones in public settings -- or at least that's the way it seems when someone's phone always rings in a meeting/show/etc!

--There are various venders for everyday necessities that pass through the streets calling out to notify the public they're in the area. There's always a guy on a bike with his basket of various types of breads and pastries ("paaaaaaaaaaan," pan = bread) and the guy (in a truck?? I've never actually seen him) for gas for the apartment ("gaaaaaaassss"). The trash truck comes various times throughout the week and rings a bell. You have to bring your trash out to the truck when you hear the bell. (My roommate made an agreement with the trashman to always come between 9:30-10:00 on Saturday mornings and buzz our apartment, which makes it a little easier in case we aren't home or don't hear the bell during the week). I'm telling you though -- the tamales guy got smart. He rides around on his bike/cart to sell tamales -- and has a prerecorded message that plays over and over. I'm can't really make out what else it says besides tamales, but definitely saves his voice!

--It's still strange to me that the same food can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Sandwiches (tortas) and tacos makes sense to me for lunch and dinner, but people frequently eat them for breakfast as well. This may be due in part to morning commutes and life in a city -- and there is always a nearby taco/torta stand-- but I can't quite bring myself to eat tacos at 9:00am.

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