Sunday, October 17, 2010

This and that...

Just a quick update -- internet hasn't been working at my house this weekend so I'm chilling in Starbucks for a bit to take advantage of wifi. (Unfortunately no fun fall flavors here like the pumpkin spice latte)

--This week I had a history midterm. I was pretty worried about it, but I think it went well -- we shall see when I get it back. I was touched by the kindness of some of my classmates. I was studying with two friends the day before -- both of whom studied history for their undergrad. At one point, one of them turned to me and said -- "Becca, repeat back what we were just talking about. I want to make sure you're understanding everything." They weren't just studying for them, but really wanted to make sure I understood -- language and concepts.  Very much appreciated. 

--My friends and I have discovered an awesome place to dance. It's called Mama Rumba and it's a Cuban place for salsa dancing, with live music. Thursdays are free for ladies, so we've gone the past 2 weeks (though it makes 8:30am philosophy classes that much earlier on Fridays!). This weekend we also went to a place called El Conuco Caribeño, which plays a mix of salsa, merengue and bachata. 

-- I commented to a friend the other day that I still didn't have "my favorite place" in the city -- the bar or cafe or whatever that's always the favorite/fallback plan. I think I'm starting to develop one now though! There's a cute little coffee shop in Coyoacan that has lots of funky pop art on the tables, walls, etc; live music; and tasty drinks and food. I've gone twice so far with friends. 

-- Today's observations during a jog in the park: the regular basketball league, an ambulance and lots of police, a group doing tai chi, and some sort of ceremony involving people wearing white and candles.

--Jeff comes to visit on Friday and I'm so excited to see him and show him "my" city!! 

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