Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mexican slang 101

1. wey/güey:
Used like "dude","bro" or "buddy" (and by some people included in almost every sentence when talking with friends)
Hola, wey.  ¿ Qué pasa, wey?

2. No manches:
Literally: Don't stain. 
Slang: No way, stop kidding around, are you serious?
(For a more informal/vulgar version of the same: No mames)
No manches, wey! 

3. padre:
Literally: father
Slang: cool, awesome
¡Qué padre! 

4. chido:
cool, awesome
¡Qué chido!

5. lana:
Literally: wool
Slang: money

6. onda:
Literally: wave
¿Qué onda? -- What's up?
Buena onda -- good vibe
ex: Juan tiene muy buena onda -- John's a really good guy. 

7. ¿mande?
What? Sorry? Pardon? Come again?

8. órale:
right!, ok!, come on!

9. chela:


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