Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumas v América

Sunday I went to the Pumas v. América fútbol (soccer) game. Pumas are the UNAM team and they were playing at América's home stadium -- Estadio Azteca, which is the largest stadium in Latin America and the fifth largest stadium in the world. América hadn't lost a game yet this season in their stadium -- until Pumas beat them 1-0 on Sunday!

It was definitely an experience -- and much more intense than the last game I went to (Cruz Azul v. Monterrey). The Pumas' porra or barra (I don't really have a better translation then group of intense fans) didn't stop cheering and chanting the entire game! Smoke bombs and "raining" beer and empty cups were all part of the experience. We were in a different section then the porra/barra -- but sat right below them, separated by a fence (which a lot of the fans climbed and stood/sat on top of).

Estadio Azteca

the girls 

during the Pumas' anthem 

Puma pride twins 

smoke bomb + fans on the (barbed-wire) fence

Go Pumas! 

(partial) group shot
And to make the win even sweeter, I was treated to a homemade breakfast this morning by an América fan friend since the Pumas won. 

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