Monday, November 8, 2010

Space heaters, printers and being "illegal"

Highs and lows of the day:

High: I went to my Chicanos, Latinos, Hispanos class for the first time in 4 weeks (had off for Day of the Dead, skipped for Jeff's visit and another class was cancelled). The professor even remember that he is my thesis mentor today! We also randomly discussed Thanksgiving, pardoning turkeys and the deliciousness of stuffing (brought up by the professor, not me).
Low: The professor gave the same lecture (with a few slight changes) from 4 weeks ago. I guess he forgot we already covered that topic? Also, his suggestions for bibliography for my thesis were less than desirable.

High: I went to the Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales to pick up my official letter confirming my thesis mentor. I also found out what I need to do to change my name and no longer be "illegal" in the UNAM system because my name doesn't match.
LowI have to notarize my FM3 card, which means taking the time and paying again. Apparently it wasn't enough to notarize the first 2 pages of my FM3 booklet (even though the rest of the book was blank). Not sure why they couldn't have told me that 3 months ago. Now I have the FM3 card (yes, got the new one!)  instead of the book and need to notarize that. I also need to pay a 400 peso fine and turn in a copy of my birth certificate and course registration. Unfortunately, they sent them email today at 11:00 am (I heard about it in the office at 2:30 pm) and they want all documents by tomorrow. That meant it was too late to go to the notary today and, unlike in the US where it's on the spot, I have to wait a day (or 2) for it to be ready. Story to be continued....

HighI finally got my printer fixed today! The service center wasn't too far from my house (I just had to find out where it was first). He fiddled with it for a minute and magically it was working again. Apparently one of the mechanisms inside where the paper passes through was bent.

High: I bought a space heater! After sleeping in 2 pairs of socks, yoga pants, pajama pants, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt last night (plus all the blankets I have), I decided it was a very necessary investment. Now my room is much warmer!
(Note-- I also saw a mini Christmas tree which I was tempted to buy....)

Low: Still haven't found where to buy a new battery for my watch.

High: Made it to the market before it closed. Got a cantaloupe, (yellow) plums and something similar to tlacoyos but round and with cheese inside.

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