Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skating and other adventures

Today was attempt #2 at iceskating and fortunately -- after a few hours of wait time -- we were successful! We got to the Zócalo around noon and waited in line for about an hour to get our bracelet and time -- and the first available time wasn't until 5:30pm! (It was strange waiting in line for iceskating in December and yet the sun was so strong I got a bit sunburned!) 

So we decided to stay in the area. We toured inside the National Palace (Palacio Nacional), which includes the President's office, the Federal Treasury and the National Archives. There's a museum with the various versions of the Mexican flag and historical maps/paintings/artifacts from the Spanish conquest to present day.  We also saw the Hall of Presidents, with the various presidential portraits, and the president's office, dining room and other (very extravagant) rooms. Apparently it was not open previously to the public, but was opened this year for the bicentennial. 

I couldn't take pictures in most of the rooms, but did get these shots: 

Diego Rivera's mural depicting Mexican history


From there, we went for food. After waiting for about an hour before finally getting soup and dirty silverware, we gave up and grabbed McDonalds to eat in line for SKATING!

I enjoy iceskating and it was neat to be surrounded by the Catedral Metropolitana and the Palacio Nacional. Skating was a bit of a challenge with so many people -- including those going at various speeds and falling all over the place (and of course the steady stream along the wall), but definitely fun!

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