Sunday, January 23, 2011

Class registration

I've registered for my second semester of classes. I'll be taking:

-Literature and criticism of literary production (Literatura y Crítica de la Producción Literaria)
-Culture and Diversity Studies (Estudios de la Cultura y Diversidad)
-Identity and Culture in the Caribbean Islands, 20th Century (Identidad y Cultura en el Caribe Insular, Siglo XX)

Of course registration is never simple. When I tried to log into the system, a message informed me that one of my documents was unreadable and I couldn't register until it was fixed. I took all possible applicable documents, my laptop and a USB drive to the coordinators and found out it was my undergrad diploma (which I had turned in on at least 3 separate occasions the previous semester) that was causing the problems. After getting documents scanned and burning a disk I was able to enter into the system. Once the  system was back up from having crashed and the coordinator came back to sign, I was good to go. Only took 3 hours!

I'll also be taking an beginning Portuguese class five days a week (which I'll be paying a whopping 1 peso for). It's open to all UNAM students and staff (and maybe general public?), so I had to earn a spot in the lottery first. Excited to learn a new language, but hoping it doesn't mess with my Spanish!

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  1. Hi Becca, just came across your blog and liked it a lot. I post pics of Mexico too for some friends in NC on my blog:
    maybe we can share pics. if this is possible please let me know my email is I'm in colonia lindavista.
    Take care hope to hear from you soon.