Friday, January 21, 2011

January travels: Patzcuaro + Janitzio

After Morelia, we headed to Patzcuaro. Patzcuaro has a very different look than Morelia, with adobe constructions and red-tile roofs.

We grabbed lunch, which included trying corundas and huchepos (both made out of corn, but one is sweet and one is salty).


We saw bits of Patzcuaro in the afternoon and evening (went to another peña for live music), but spent most of our time going to visit the island Janitzio on Lake Patzcuaro. We took the public transportation (boat) out to the island, whose most notable feature is the ginormous monument of Jose María Morelos (hero of Mexico's independence). The inside of the monument is filled with murals depicting Jose María Morelos' life, and you can climb the spiraling stairs to the top to a lookout that oversees the lake. The village church is famous for its Day of the Dead celebrations -- though not anything particularly special to look at otherwise. 

public transportation boats that run from Patzcuaro
to Janitzio

There were so many plants in the water that it didn't look
like the boats would be able to move -- but they did
without a problem.

Lake Patzcuaro, view from Patzcuaro

Lake Patacuaro, view from boat

Lake Patzcuaro, on our way to Janitzio (in the distance)

lots of seagulls


Welcome to Janitzio

the many stairs leading to the top of the island

giant statue of Morelos 

view from the base of the statue

inside the Morelos statue

view from the top of the monument (Morelos' fist)

view from the top of the monument (Morelos' fist)

view from the top of the monument (Morelos' fist)

inside the Morelos statue-- murals depicting his life

church on Janitzio, famous for its Day of the Dead

back in Patzcuaron

back in Patzcuaro

(See more on Patzcuaro in later posting) 

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