Friday, January 21, 2011

January travels: Patzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan and Quiroga

We traveled from the beach to Morelia to stay the night and then on to Patzcuaro (only 45 mins away)  early the next day. 
On the ride from Morelia to Patzcuaro we had the front window
seat on the top floor of the double decker bus.

From Patzcuaro, we took a local bus to visit the ancient village and ruins of Tzintzuntzan. Tzintzuntzan used to be the capital of the Purépechan kingdom (indigenous group). The name means "place of hummingbirds" in P'urhépecha. Today the village is known for its pottery and woven goods. 

the signs were in Spanish, English and what we assumed was P'urhépecha

ruins in Tzintzuntzan, overlooking lake Patzcuaro

In Tzintzunzan we also saw: 

cattle being herded to a water hole 

the church 


lots of woodcarvings 

From Tzintzuntzan, we continued on to Quiroga. 
Zócalo in Quiroga 
We tried various regional sweets, like a guava roll with cajeta (like caramel) filling.

We then returned to Patzcuaro to explore a bit more in the daylight before catching the bus back to the DF. 

Patzcuaro, Plaza Grande/Quiroga

an old church that is now a public library, with an
early work of Juan O'Gorman on the back wall

mural by Juan O'Gorman

library from the outside 

Plaza Chica

Plaza Chica 

the basilica

altar with the Virgen de la Salud, a sacred figure to
the Indians of the region, who come from the villages
to pay homage to her and petition her healing
power on the eighth day of each month

the basilica 

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