Friday, January 21, 2011

January travels: Uruapan, the unplanned detour

We realized in Patzcuaro that our final bus ride to the DF would be 8 hours -- which is doable, but seemed a bit much compared to the 5 hours or under of the rest of the bus trips. We decided to change plans last minute, leaving Patzcuaro early to go to the beach and we'd finish Patzcuaro on the way back to break up the trip. While a good idea in theory, it unfortunately resulted in a very long day filled with buses and waiting, instead of enjoying the beach.

There were no direct buses from Patzcuaro to Zihuatenejo (bad information part 1), so we went to Uruapan. We had some time to kill, so we went out and explored.

We saw:

I felt so tall!

La Huatapera -- museum of regional crafts in the former hospital built in 1533

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

We made it back to the bus terminal with great timing, feeling refreshed of having seen something extra on the itinerary, even though we "lost a few hours" in the process. When it was time, we went out to the platform to catch the bus, but as we kept asking where our bus was, we were continuously told (by employees) different locations (but that no, the bus had not yet arrived). After waiting a while for the "late" bus (not too uncommon), we were informed it had already arrived and left. We were not happy campers. So instead of spending the day on the beach, we hung out in Uruapan for most of the day, arriving in Zihuatanejo around 9pm. At least they didn't make us pay for the second bus ticket like they were originally going to though and we had a fun evening in Zihuatanejo once we finally arrived! 

the pay-computer I used during our afternoon wait

view on the way to Zihuatanejo 

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