Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parents' visit: Observations

Some of my parents' observations from their visit:

  • Mexico is a predominately Catholic, with lots of large and beautiful church. (Though Polanco in the DF is known for being a Jewish community).  “Italy has nothing on Mexico City” -- My mom, referring to the churches, history, etc. 
  • Mexico is a service-oriented country. There are a lot of informal jobs -- shoe shining, selling food/snacks/pirated DVDs/jewelry/etc. Also, many stores and restaurants have a lot of employees/wait staff working at the same time. At dinner one night we counted 13 employees in the dining room at one time.  
  • "We never felt unsafe. Mexico gets a bad rap." (Note -- We also stayed in nice areas). 
  • Lots of traffic. 
  • The weather is fabulous (70 degrees in January)
  • They serve water at room temperature. (Note -- Maybe because people are used to it that way? Since you can only drink bottled water, most people have large containers of water in their homes -- kept out at room temperature). 
  • Lots of carbohydrates -- bread, donuts, tamales, tacos, etc. Lots of tacos. 
  • You see lots of limes, but not lemons.
  • All gas stations are full-service (ie: they pump your gas for you). 
  • There are lots of police. And they drive with their lights on. 
  • They keep the streets clean. People sweep them. 
  • People wear seemingly heavy clothing despite warm temperatures. You see jackets and sweaters. No shorts or flip flops.
  • People are very friendly. 

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