Friday, March 4, 2011

Hanging out with the kiddos

Last weekend I went with some members of the Ciudad de México Rotary Club to an orphanage to do some activities and play with the kids. The organization is based out of Spain and there are 3 houses -- all run by nuns-- in the same zone. The house we visited had about 18 kids ranging from 6 to 14 years old. Robert, a fellow scholar, joined me and we were quite the hit when we arrived. "They're from the US!" "Speak to each other in English!"  "How do you say _____?"

We split the kids into three group. One made crepes with cajeta (like caramel) and fresh fruit, one group made treats with marshmallows, honey and candies and our group made bracelets with gum balls and gummies. They made enough so that all the children could have one of everything. They ate the bracelets and crepes, but fortunately the marshmallows were put away for later (sugar high!).

marshmallow creations 
From there we went to a nearby park to play (and burn off some of that energy!). We weren't there too long before it started to rain, but the kids seemed to enjoy the activities, playing in the park and some extra attention from a new group of people. 

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