Friday, March 4, 2011

Rotary in Cuauhtepec

Two weeks ago I went to visit Cuauhtepec, a zone in the north of Mexico City. It was originally settled (started about 40 years ago) by people from various parts of the country moving to Mexico City in search of work. They claimed a space and built houses out of what they could and continued to build up the mountainside. Since then, they have legalized the land and public services (electricity, water, etc) have been installed, but it is still densely populated and city problems are accentuated.

The Rotary Club Jardines de Pedregal has proposed a project that would create a small sewing factory/workshop, providing employment opportunities to women in three colonias of Cuauhtepec. One group of women will make shirts while another group will be in charge of selling the shirts. I met the woman who will be the point-person in the community for the workshop as well as some of the women who will work as seamstresses.

More updates to come as the project progresses!

view of Cuauhtepec

view of Cuauhtepec

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