Sunday, May 8, 2011

Biking in the city

Friday I met up with a friend for lunch around Reforma and the Angel de Independencia. The DF has a bike program in certain parts of the city where -- once you have a card -- you can borrow a bike for up to  two hours and then return it to any of the designated bike stands. I borrowed a card and we rode bikes to lunch, her apartment, and for frozen yogurt (yum!).

I'm not going to lie -- it was slightly terrifying as my first time riding a bike in the city. Traffic rules are more like suggestions and the mentality is every man/woman/car for themselves here in the DF. So, while we did ride on walkways and in bike lanes when available, we still had to cross streets, weave through cars and people, and sometimes ride between the parked and moving cars. And bike lanes don't necessarily mean there won't be a car parked in the middle of it. It's great that the DF is providing the option of biking in the city (for environmental reasons, health reasons, etc), but the "bike culture" still needs some work.

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