Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Concert at Casa del Lago

Saturday the choir gave a concert at Casa del Lago (Lakehouse) in Chapultepec Park. The hall we performed in was pretty -- though a bit small (and hot!) for the turnout. 

It was a cool moment singing Mi Ciudad (My City), a song written about Mexico City. There's a line that says " un bosque de espejos que cuida un castillo" ("It's a forest of mirrors that guards a castle"), referring to Chapultepec Park and the Chapultepec Castle. The song has been a staple in the choir's repertoire (at least since I've joined) -- but it was a first for me to sing it while in Chapultepec Park, within view of the castle! 

in front of the Casa del Lago

Lake in Chapultepec Park  

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