Monday, May 9, 2011

A visit to the doctor

Sunday afternoon at the doctor's (yup, sick again) I got the normal questions -- what's wrong? fever? aches/pains? This time, I got some extras as well, including:
  • Why am I in Mexico?
  • Since I'm interested in Latin America, which country do I like the best?
  • What's the biggest difference I see between the US and Latin America? 
  • Do I think 9/11 was real or a conspiracy?
  • How do I (and the rest of the US) feel about the US being such a military/defense-oriented country? 
I had to start my antibiotics with two intramuscular shots (ouch!!). I had to buy the antibiotic and syringe and then find someone who could give it to me. Not quite what I'm used to. 

While at the pharmacy, I also saw a boy playing video games with his pet iguana perched on his shoulder/head. 

Just another Sunday afternoon in the DF.....

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