Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back in the DF

I've been back in the DF for a couple days now and soon I'll be heading out to the state of Veracruz to start some preliminary thesis research. Mexico has been kind to me and, although it is the rainy season, it hasn't rained on me yet.

In my usual style, I jumped right back into things. From the airport, I briefly stopped by my apartment to drop off my luggage before heading out to a choir rehearsal and get-together at the director's house. I was glad I had someone to follow on my way back home, since we took 2 buses, the light rail and metro to get back (welcome back to public transportation!!).

Though I was here in Mexico around this time last year, it still surprised me leaving the heat in the US to the rainy season climate in Mexico City. It gets pretty warm during the day, but the morning and evening are chilly. When I left in June it was HOT but now everyone carries an umbrella and sweater/jacket with them all day.

My first full day back I went to the Institute of Migration to renew my FM3 (student visa). Not surprisingly, even after looking up the requirements online, calling and talking to someone, and talking to someone else who has gone through the process, there were still surprises the day of. Fortunately I was able to work everything out and will only have to go back to pick it up.

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