Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maltrata experiences: Visit to Nogales, Orizaba, Sierra de Zongolica and Aquila

While in Maltrata I went on multiple outings to nearby towns/cities.

We stopped in Nogales to see the Laguna, where the clear, cold water flows from a mountain stream. 
Laguna in Nogales
Laguna in Nogales

Rotary in Nogales


Orizaba is one of the larger cities in the state of Veracruz (though by no means a big city). We did a tour of some of the sights, including: 

Ojo de Agua

one of the Catholic churches 

State Art Museum

State Art Museum

Municipal Building/ City Hall

Municipal Building/ City Hall

another Catholic Church

Palacio de Hierro - Iron Palace
Designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, built with Belgian steel,
with parts shipped from Austria during the Porfiriato. It served as the
Municipal Building/ City Hall until they moved City Hall to the new
location for more space. 

Another view of the Iron Palace. It now houses about 6 small museums,
including a soccer museum, beer museum and regional museum.

view from the Iron Palace

Behind the Municipal Building/City Hall is a hanging bridge over the
river and miniature zoo with crocodiles, turtles and snow monkeys. 

La Sierra de Zongolica
The Zongolica Mountains spans multiple municipalities (including one also called Zongolica). There is a large indigenous presence in this region and many people still speak Nahuatl. 

Aquila is the town/municipality bordering Maltrata. 

church in Aquila

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