Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maltrata Experiences: Wedding in Cañada, Puebla

While in Maltrata, I went with the family to a wedding in Cañada, Puebla. We went to the bride's family's house for breakfast of tamales (with mole, rajas or sweet tamales), bread/pastries and a drink similar to hot chocolate.

One of the "uncle's" (once again, adopting myself into the family) was in charge of the flower arrangements, so from there we went to the church to set up. (Who'd of thought I'd help with flower arrangements for a wedding?)

view of the church from the park/center of Cañada

church in Cañada

We had some time before the ceremony started, so we walked around town for a bit to see the Municipal Building, the market, etc. 
Municipal building in Cañada 

Then we went to the ceremony -- a Catholic mass. Unlike in the US, the bride and her father entered the church first.

Leaving the church, guests threw rice at the newly married couple. There was a mariachi band waiting and they played as we all walked through the town in a processional to the groom's house for the party. 

Apparently in Maltrata, the breakfast is at the house of the padrino (there is the main padrino and madrina, but also various padrinos and madrinas in Mexican weddings that have a special role and pay for the rings, bouquet, party, etc). The party is at the bride's family's house and then all the family and guests escort her to the groom's house.

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