Sunday, August 21, 2011

Singing in the Plaza

This weekend's new experience was singing in the plaza in Coyoacán -- for tips! Saturday morning we had a concert at the National Medical Center (for a Forensic Medicine graduation ceremony?). Afterward a few of us went to Coyoacán for food and drink. It's always nice to have a chance to hang out outside the context of rehearsals and concerts. From there, we went to the plaza and sang a few songs (unofficially of course -- not associated with the choir or university) in front of the fountain with the two coyotes. Coyoacán is a popular place for coffee / food / drinks/ a stroll/ people watching, and especially on weekends, so we had a decent audience. It's a normal occurrence for us to sing on the metro on our way home after rehearsals -- but this was the first time I've sung with the group (or any group for that matter) in public for tips!

Plaza in Coyoacán

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