Saturday, September 10, 2011

Choir, UNAM Foundation and Hostería de Santo Domingo

On Monday, the choir performed for Fundación UNAM (the UNAM Foundation).  I guess technically anyone who donates (or at least on a regular basis?) becomes part of the foundation. However, we performed for the group that meets on a monthly basis -- the big donors. Since it's September -- the month of Independence Day -- the room was decorated in red, green and white and we sang a selection of songs from Mexico, including Xtoles (a Mayan song), La llorona (from Oaxaca, with an added solo in Zapoteco), Por los caminos del Sur (from the state of Guerrero) and Mi Ciudad (about Mexico City), along with UNAM's himno deportivo (school song? sports song? fight song?). They were going to cut our time short, but one of the gentlemen requested that we sing more. When we finished, one of the ladies said that she has the choir's cd and wakes up to it every morning because it makes her happy. Overall -- a success!!

Afterward, we went out to eat (thanks UNAM!) at Hostería de Santo Domingo, which was founded in 1860. It's decorated in bright, cheerful style and its menu includes many typical Mexican dishes. I ordered a chile en nogada, which is apparently a house specialty, and especially popular in September because of it's red, green and white colors. It's a poblano pepper filled with ground beef/pork mixed with almonds, raisins and olives, covered in a walnut cream sauce with pomegranate on top. It was delicious!

choir out to lunch at Hostería de Santo Domingo
(*photo borrowed from fellow choir member)

chile en nogada -- photo from 2010, I didn't take one
of my meal on Monday

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