Friday, September 2, 2011

La Improlucha

Last week I went to La Improlucha - a show that combines the concepts of improvisation (think: Whose Line is it Anyway) and lucha libre (Mexican wrestling, where luchadores are known for the masks they wear, hiding their identity. Read about when I went to a lucha libre match here). 

La Improlucha ring

La Improlucha is every Thursday night -- and it's always different since it's all improv. During the first half, two teams face-off with a variety of improvisations. Sometimes they work with their partner, sometimes the other team, and sometimes all together. The referee/MC leads the show, setting the rules and getting suggestions from the audience of topics/places. After each improvisation, the audience votes on which team won. Most of the match was improvisation, but there was some fighting - lucha libre style- thrown in as well. 

The first two teams were a magician and his assistant against the Tomderkats  (based on the cartoon Thundercats). The Tomderkats won, so in the second half they faced two gypsies -- who ended up winning for the night. For the second half, the MC's character was from Northern Mexico, with an exaggerated norteño accent meant to be hard to understand. 

me as a luchadora

There was also a live band (complete with lucha libre masks) that played during breaks and provided background music/ sound effects during the improvisations. The show I went to was a musical tribute night to the 80's/90's Mexican Rock band Botellita de Jerez and two of the band members attended as special guests. There were also two luchadores, including El Matemático, who is apparently a classic. 

I didn't understand everything that was said, since it's fast-paced with lots of cultural references, slang, double-meanings, etc. Even so, it was very entertaining and I'd recommend it! 

the boys with El Matemático 

the luchadores, MC's, band and specials guests of the night 

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