Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Master's program language requirements

In order to graduate from my master's program, students need 3 languages. This assumes the students' native language is Spanish, plus language tests (comprehension, translation or fluency) in English, French, Portuguese or Italian.

Since I'm an international student whose native language isn't Spanish, I already took my Spanish test. I'll most likely be taking my Portuguese comprehension test this semester (I'm in my second semester of classes).

I found out today -- contrary to what I had been told previously -- that in order to graduate I need to take the test to prove I speak....English. That's right -- even though I'm a native speaker.  Accepting that Mexicans are given the benefit of the doubt that they speak Spanish (and ignoring anyone whose first language was an indigenous language), my question then is why don't the Colombians, Chileans, Argentines, etc have to prove they speak Spanish?