Saturday, September 10, 2011

Observations: Part 9

  • This week I spent two days in the library at the National Institute of Migration in Polanco (though a different site than where I go for my FM3 stuff). The elevator is unlike any I've seen before. You don't (can't) just push a button for up or down. Instead, you type the floor number you want to go to  and it assigns you to an elevator (A, B, C or D). I was stuck for a bit trying to figure out how to push a button to request an elevator until someone showed me. Make sure you get in the right one, because there's not an option to switch floor numbers once you're inside! It lists (in lit up numbers) what floors its going to. However, as it goes up/down the display of what floor it is passing doesn't really make sense -- I saw lots of 2s and 33's going by. 
  • Also while in Polanco, I saw a ton of men wearing yamakas and/or the wide-brimmed black hats that Orthodox Jews wear. Polanco has a large Jewish population, but I've never seen it quite so prevalent in previous visits. 
  • On Friday, a football (American football) team at UNAM was raising money for new jerseys -- by dressing up as girls: skirts, balloon enhancements, makeup, the works. It was pretty entertaining....

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