Monday, December 12, 2011

Family's Visit: Queretaro

While my family was here we took a two-day trip out of the DF to visit the state of Querétaro. We took a (very nice) bus to the capital, Santiago de Querétaro.  

on the bus to Queretaro 

view leaving the DF of houses built up the the mountain

Once in Querétaro we did a walking tour and two trolley tours to see and learn about the city. 

statue of a danza de los concheros or
danza azteca dancer 

Casa de la Corregidora, where planning
for Independence took place

Casa de la Corregidora

The first trolley tour was focused on the aqueduct. 

juggler in traffic


back in downtown

back in downtown

The second trolley tour went to the Cerro de las Campanas, or "Hill of the Bells." It gets its name from the many rocks that have metallic elements in them and therefore sound like bells when hit. This is where the Maximiliano de Habsburgo, Emperor of Mexico, was executed along with Miguel Miramón and Tomás Mejía for being disloyal to the country. A chapel was built in honor of Maximiliano and, in order for the hill to not be a remembrance of Maximiliano, a gigantic statue of Benito Juarez (president after the empire/French rule). 

Benito Juarez 

chapel dedicated to Maximiliano

Teatro de la República 

downtown Querétaro 

downtown Querétaro 

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