Monday, December 12, 2011

Pastorela and Posada with Rotaract

Saturday I attended, for the second time, a Pastorela and Posada with the Ciudad de Mexico Rotaract Club at Fundación Renace.

Fundación Renace is a treatment center for alcoholics and drug addicts and the patients range from children to adults. They've been open 5 years in the current location and were in another location for 8 years before that. Over the 13 years they've received around 36,000 patients

The day started with the pastorela: a skit, whose tradition goes back to colonial times when the Spanish used skits to evangelize/convert the indigenous. The pastores or common people are always faced with a dilemma and there is an angel(s) and devil(s) who try to convince them to choose the good/bad option. There's a battle between good and evil and good always wins.

Afterward, the guys of Rotaract led the activity of the piñatas (complete with blindfold, singing/chanting,  and the eventual breaking of the piñata and stampede for candy), while the girls prepped the food. We made guajolotas, which is a tamal sandwich (tamal + bread = carb overload!). There were tamales with salsa verde (green salsa), rajas (a type of chili pepper), and mole as well as sweet tamales

Once the 2 piñatas had been broken open, everyone ate the guajolotas and drank atole. It was the first time I'd tried a guajolota -- very filling, but tasty. Since I started by asking which were more or less spicy, they gave me a sweet tamal so I wouldn't have to worry about it. 

guajolota made with a sweet tamal


Before we left, everyone received their aguinaldo, a bag of candies/treats. 

We had a guided tour to see the facility and learn more about how it works. The building used to be a public bath house, so it's a bit odd. They had remodeled the medical attention section since last year and it looked great! 

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