Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parents' visit: Turibus

My parents decided to take a last minute trip to come visit me before the start of classes.  It was wonderful spending the week with them and showing them around "my" city! 

(Though I must say, I've been "playing" for the last month and a half between traveling, visiting home and now with their visit. Reality is going to hit hard with classes tomorrow!) 

On their first full day we took the tour bus (turibus)  to see an overview of the city. I had done the southern route and part of the central route during Jeff's visit, but I saw a few new things. 

*(edit) -- Fuente de Petroleos/ Fountain of the Oil Industry

Apparently the Backstreet Boys are coming to the Auditorio Nacional
in Mexico City 

my parents in front of the Angel of Independence

cool looking buildings along Paseo de la Reforma

the Wax museum, though still haven't gone in

my parents in front of the Cathedral

Cafe de Tacuba -- famous cafe, where a more famous music
group got its name

had seen this museum before, but liked the shot 

same with the National Post Office 

Monument to the Revolution 

That night my friend Karen joined us for dinner. We enjoyed a meal in Coyoacan and then I introduced my parents to churros


On the 22nd I was part of a group of 17 that went SKYDIVING! We did tandem jumps -- which means the instructor/tandem partner is attached to you (and basically does all the work-- pulling the chute, landing, etc). I had never done it before and was a little nervous -- but I absolutely loved it! 

We went with a group called Skydive Mexico (, about 20 minutes outside of Cuernavaca.  

Thanks to a friend's 2 cameras and photos from my jump instructor/tandem partner, I have some awesome photos to share! 

planes used for skydiving

at Skydive Mexico. Nervous, but excited! 

a little plane on the runway

My plane buddies 

re-packing parachutes 

getting suited up 

learning what to do

practicing "the arc" 

practicing "the arc" 

plane buddies -- almost time to go!

"Pose in front of the plane like a model..." - my jump instructor 

looking confused about something

freaking out because....

...I sat next to the "door" and was nervous about falling out
of the plane before jump time! 

view from the plane 

here we go! 

chute was pulled

just floatin....


coming in for a landing

We did it! 

part of the group

skydive group 

Tequesquitengo lake

lunch by Lake Tequesquitengo

lunch group, by Lake Tequesquitengo

a wedding processional we drove by on the way back to the DF

complete with a band!