Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family's Visit: Wine and Cheese Tour

Remember that time back in November when my family came to visit? Well, now almost 4 months later I'm finally finding (making) time to finish blogging about it.

After our day in Querétaro we took a bus to the town of Tequisquiapan (also in the state of Querétaro).

We participated in a Wine and Cheese package tour (Ruta del queso y vino) that included our dinner, hotel stay, the next morning's breakfast and the day tour.

at dinner 

the "impossible" cake -- part flan, part chocolate cake

Our hotel was quaint with a pretty courtyard and view of the church.

at breakfast

breakfast: chilaquiles, refried beans and chicarrón

From there we started our tour. Our first stop was the VAI Dairy Farm where we learned about the cheese-making process. I played interpreter for my family -- which was a bit interesting at times considering cheese-making terminology is not exactly my specialty in Spanish or English. We finished with a cheese tasting, including pairing with other food flavors.

Mama using baby as a pillow

(not related to the cheese-making process...) 

Yes, we did all have our masks on wrong

Our next stop was in the town of Bernal, famous for the Peña de Bernal (peña translating to "rock" or "crag" though I'm not sure if there's another geological term for it. Geological terms aren't my specialty in Spanish or English either.) The town is also known for it's woven wool products.

as seen from the van...

also as seen from the van 
We also saw the Mask Museum in Bernal.

Can you spot "the elephant"? 

can you spot "the dress"? 

Elephant's head 

head of the turtle poking up (the rest of "the turtle" can
be seen from the other side) 

driving away from Bernal 

Our next stop was Freixenet to learn how they make wine (and of course try some). They're mostly known for their sparkling wine.

On the way back to Tequisquiapan we stopped at the winery La Redonda and another place that makes cheese.

Back in Tequisquiapan we wandered around for a bit and grabbed lunch/dinner before we had to head back to the DF.

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